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Monday, April 18, 2011


This must be the night of nights
For you seem to be the light of lights
Guiding the damned just passed my sight
Your branch led donut tied to a string
It seems these humans will follow anything
But I'll sit here and watch while you add up your collection
and let you think of new ways  to try and get my attention
But with that thought in mind,
I hope you know that I know
So that the curiosity pushes you passed your prideful threshold
At any point in time I could leave, if I want
But, oh so, do I enjoy watching your lustful taunt
So I'll shuffle a little closer...
 to let you think that you have me
When really its just to watch your patience in agony
"come on now children 
and let the carnival begin"
one by one you gather them in
Like lambs to the slaughter
or an old testament martyr
You show them their dreams 
and let them breathe in the smoke
Diminish their will 
so that they'll hide under your cloak
This devil of sorts, at me, he still drools
For all he has feasted on have been ignorant fools 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Modestly Arrogant

Sit tight my dear whilst I brush up on my social ear
I'm most likely to build you up and break you down
But I'll let you know I'll be the one to let you down
So go ahead and trust me on your own accord
Just remember don't buy what you cant afford
But maybe I can be
The one to reconstruct your reality
Broaden your horizon
So that you don't need me to be happy
Fall apart
To build again upon
Something that you may have felt went wrong
Once again I'll be the one you lean onto
This time not for me, but for you
Because theres really no better way to live
Than to comfortably take what you fear to give

Hypothetical Romances

Watch me break you and take high to the sky

I could never have loved you, though I told you I'd try

None of its your fault, the blame is all mine

So don't get it all twisted when your on your own time

It was never a lack of love or embrace

Just a pity bread moment fed to your face

So don't think that I lied When I said that I loved you

Because what is a lie bleeding from me as an oath of my virtue

Friday, February 11, 2011

Proactive My Ass

Self reflection is the path to Actualization
But to much time spent in front of a mirror
will make you pick at things that really aren't there
Finding imperfection in every pore
Thinking there gone but always finding more

This is where I break the glass and step through to the frame
Turn around and look back...and notice I still look the same

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ylnevaeh Etupsid

Frequency’s die out hoping to hear
Something that might make it worth living this year
Quiet my children for you’ll have nothing to fear
For the reign of darkness is soon to draw near

Angels fly out hoping to be heard
Ignored by their maker and considered absurd
But the way that they feel, I can assure,
That they will feel no pain for the humans massacred
Because maybe then their father will listen to their words

Victim Dodging Bullets

Tip Toe my Tangency's to be right again

And dodge all the bullets that you've so called your friends

Not a damn thing has changed and who knows if it will

I'm still sitting right here with no one but time to kill

A Mall of Memories

This swelling in my stomach and the beating in my chest
Are quite reliable on keeping me from attaining any rest
So I'll walk with a crooked bow and remain the swollen sow
Tell all the world I'm happy and just act as if I'm napping
So that safely they'll speak while I foolishly peak
At the slander seeming to jump out at
The conclusions that they think that I act
And thats probably the problem...
they think too much rather than know
But I guess just as in death, thats how life will go