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Monday, April 18, 2011


This must be the night of nights
For you seem to be the light of lights
Guiding the damned just passed my sight
Your branch led donut tied to a string
It seems these humans will follow anything
But I'll sit here and watch while you add up your collection
and let you think of new ways  to try and get my attention
But with that thought in mind,
I hope you know that I know
So that the curiosity pushes you passed your prideful threshold
At any point in time I could leave, if I want
But, oh so, do I enjoy watching your lustful taunt
So I'll shuffle a little closer...
 to let you think that you have me
When really its just to watch your patience in agony
"come on now children 
and let the carnival begin"
one by one you gather them in
Like lambs to the slaughter
or an old testament martyr
You show them their dreams 
and let them breathe in the smoke
Diminish their will 
so that they'll hide under your cloak
This devil of sorts, at me, he still drools
For all he has feasted on have been ignorant fools 

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