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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Your feeble attempt to try and elude me
will only last as long as the time you endured me
You could never forget me no matter how hard you try,
unless you stop trying or I confess to my lies
For then you might see the darker light of mine
shining to bright for you to confine

So now in this mist; I must confess
To these perversions I've so modestly obsessed
And brought upon to many mouths to digest
I've taken part in this reaping of your soul
So recently discovered from this need to control

But without all these stomach aches
and gut-wrenching earthquakes
I would be without glee
because watching you bleed brings restoration and satisfaction in me

Origin: unknown,
but somewhere this internal blood lust was grown
I'm inspired to fuck you in more ways then one
Gullible and obedient, but even pets lose their fun

No one has ever fit my cast iron mold
So patient and content, I'll embrace the cold

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