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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Things happen to prove to yourself what you will do
Enough with the ifs or buts, you'll never know until the actions through
We've all had moments of vulnerability,
but don't think I condone to self pity
I've grown and shed that cocoon
Its dead, lifeless, and as pale as the moon
This mirror, however
has never been so close, never been so hazy eyed
to see me for what I can not be, I should not be, how could I be
But how much of this is just whats left of my social sub conscience
Built subliminally, to keep me from being me
and to blind society from what we truly could be
Stand with me, not above me
Fight with me, not for me
And together we'll build a new kind of justice, a new kind of peace
Where your land is our land and not just a lease
Your ideas are our ideas to constructively criticize a new era of living
to build and contribute to the unity we'll be giving
To you and me, for me and you
My will is to live and for you to live too

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